About Us

Based out of Birmingham, United Kingdom and providing outstanding wedding cinematography
and photography services across the country, we at Khush Studios can take you back in time by
freezing moments of your celebration. As new styles and technology keep evolving in the
photographic industry, our team maintains a constant focus on capturing the real essence of the
moments and their spirits in mesmerizing frames.
Seasoned by two decades of experience in the vibrant wedding industry, we have covered over
100 weddings across the United Kingdom. With time and trends, destination weddings have
taken over regular wedding scenes. Be it Norway, France or Dubai, we at Khush studios have
done it all.
Be it candid pictures or remarkable portraits, this United Kingdom-based photography and
cinematography company believes in capturing unfiltered emotions and achieving high-quality
work for each of its patrons. Accepting the fact that a wedding is not just a union between two
people but two families, our team makes every endeavour to mingle in with you to capture
remarkable candid shots that are a treat for the eyes.
At Khush Studios, we aim to give each of you mesmerizing pictures, bespoke wedding videos, or
even albums curated personally by our energetic team with utmost attention to detail. We leave
no stone unturned to achieve beautiful yet unique photographs that express you and your
partner’s personality. With our novel style of wedding photography and cinematography, Khush
studio allows you to relish your big day to the fullest while we strive to bring you memories to
rejoice forever. We love what we do and operate hard to design imagery that we are proud of and
puts smiles on your faces.
Make us a part of your celebration and reassure that you will board on your new experience with
a wealth of happy memories..