Asian Wedding Videography

Every wedding has its unique touch of fashion and style, and our efforts are to display that by
owning each video to be one of a kind. For us at Khush studio, the most satisfying thing is to
capture those compassionate and timeless moments and then weave together a tale that will be
re-told and experienced again and again. Our ultimate passion is to produce a piece of art that is
compelling, fun, and timeless.
We follow a simple, honest approach to wedding cinematography, centered on bringing the bride
and groom’s vision to life. In a continuously growing wedding industry, we carefully craft
wedding narratives to connect the traditional and the contemporary themes.


Our approach in wedding cinematography is to create something timeless with genuine
sentiments, charm and love. Our team captivates as well as recognize the importance of these
passing moments. We look for those timeless moments and capture them all. At your wedding,
we are with you as a family or a friend and capture all the sentiments of the day – the solemn, the
silly, the romantic and the dramatic.
At Khush studios, we bridge the gap for couples who wish to capture unforgettable moments not
only at their home city but destination weddings as well. To give you the best wedding film, we
carefully design and draft your moments, arrange them with love and refine it through layers and
layers of careful examination. With us at your wedding, you can slacken and enjoy the biggest
day of your life without worry!


All of our packages are bespoke and sketched to fit our clients needs. It is about your big day, so
you have complete control. Get in touch today for more information or to book us for your
special day.